Class 3 - Hurlers Trip - 04/05/17

On Thursday, Class 3 walked up to the Hurlers to learn about their history and astronomy. The Hurlers are a group of standing stones that are arranged in a circle by Bronze Age man.  There are lots of stories about how the Hurlers were created, for example; on a Saturday in the Bronze Age, a group of people were playing the game hurlers, but neither team won and this caused them to come back on the Sunday.  It was a rule back then that you should play no games on a Sunday but instead go to church.  The priest told the group of people not to play and threatened to curse them; the people playing Hurlers didn’t listen and carried on playing.  The priest’s curse was carried out; subsequently the group was turned into stone. 


We also learnt about a grave made for an important man around the same time that the Hurlers were created. This had its own ghost story about a golden cup.  We also enjoyed being able to get close to the moorland ponies.  We really enjoyed our trip to the Hurlers and hope we can go there again soon!


Written by Izzy and Lily