Ancient Greece - Summer 2017

Our topic for the Summer Term is Ancient Greece.

In the spring term class 2 spent a few weeks learning about a Greek myth as well as a few of the Greek Gods and Goddesses. The class showed such a high level of interest in their work and asked so many fascinating questions that we have decided to devote a whole term to learning about the Ancient Greeks!

The pupils of Class 2 have thought of their own research questions and in our topic work we will be finding the answers to the following questions:

  • When did the Ancient Greeks live?
  • Why were they so brutal?
  • Did girls go to school?
  • When did the Ancient Greeks die out?
  • Did they have tablets?
  • What did they eat and what clothes did they wear?
  • Who were the Gods and Goddesses and how did they become Gods or Goddesses?
  • Did they argue?
  • Did they build their own houses?
  • Where was ancient Greece?
  • How did they learn?
  • Who found Ancient Greece?
  • What did the Greeks know?

Growing and Cooking.


Class 2 will learn how to grow and care for seasonal fruit and vegetables and then create recipes by experimenting with different flavours. We will then share our work and ideas in a Class Recipe Book.