Space- Autumn Term 2018


Welcome to Class 1!

This term our topic is Space, we will be exploring Planets, Aliens, Astronaut food and learning about dark and light!

Reception will begin learning phonics using letters and sounds with jolly phonics actions; they will cover S A T P I N first and begin to learn the first tricky words (no, go, to, I, the, into).They will also be bringing home reading books, with just pictures and then as their phonics develops books with CVC words (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant).

Year One’s will be going back over Phase 3 and 4 initially to make sure they have a concrete understanding of all the sounds and tricky words.

In Literacy we will be focusing on story writing, lists, posters and adjectives.

In Maths we will be covering place value, addition and subtraction and shape.

Reception will be focusing on the numbers 1 to 5.

 In PE the children will be having a dance coach on Tuesday afternoons and yoga; we also follow Go Noodle and complete a few routines each morning to get our brains ready to learn.

Our Science will be carried out during wild tribe time which we will be doing as a whole day activity, twice in every 6 weeks. We will also be exploring light and dark, everyday materials and the solar system. We will also look at the moon landing for a history aspect.

In ICT we will be accessing reading eggs and year 1 will be learning about e-safety and using the internet to research.

In Art, we will be making rockets, planets, alien collages and biscuits.

PSHE will be based around relationships and behaviour.