Attendance, Absence and Lateness


Children are expected to attend school regularly, and punctuality is just as important. We do expect children to give reasons or produce a note from parents if they arrive at school late.
Children should be kept at home if they are ill and a phone call made to school by 9.15am. If no phone call is received by the school with a reason for absence then Mrs Spence or your child's class teacher will telephone you.
All absences and late arrivals in school (after 9:15am) must also be formally confirmed in writing by a parent/carer. We are now required by law to keep records of unauthorised absences and these have to be published annually. Any requests for absence should be made to the Head Teacher and governing body and no absence will be auathorised unless in exceptional circumstances.. Children who arrive late to school, after the register has closed, are recorded in the schools late book. This may be investigated by an Educational Welfare Officer and you can find out more about this by using the following link to access Cornwall Council's Education Welfare Service:-